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Enkad provides billboard recycling services to printers, media advertisers and billboard companies. Post use, post campaign billboards present several collection and accumulation challenges requiring a variety of customer mandated disposal options. We assist clients along the entire chain as the product moves from printing to end-of-life recycling, reuse or repurposing. We collect vinyl billboards and polyethylene (PE) posters and bulletins. Please contact us to discuss your specific waste stream.

Perspectives on Billboard Recycling:

The outdoor advertising industry maintains approximately 450,000 billboard locations throughout the United States. These fall into two categories: larger highway billboards (called bulletins) and smaller urban signage (called posters). Media companies are under considerable pressure to reduce the amount of waste they produce, either through prevention or by developing strategies that allow for a valuable use of produced waste. About 25 million sq.meters or about 10,000 tons of billboard fabric waste is generated annually in the US alone.