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Secondary Markets: Obsolete & Discontinued Products:

Enkad creates secondary market opportunities for idle and problematic inventories and abandoned products. We participate in one of a kind disposition as well as routine inventory purge events. We guarantee complete confidentiality and offer robust brand protection and preservation in the consumer marketplace.

Current Requirements:

PVC Coated Fabrics, Tarpaulins, Surplus, Scrap, sIngle or double side coated, rolls only

Roofing Membranes, Single Ply, Scrim reinforced, PVC, EPDM, Rolls & Sheets

Woven Narrow Fabrics: polyester seat belt scrap, nylon or polypropylene webbing 1/2" - 4" wide and any color, length or weight. loose, baled or spooled

Selvage Scrap: coated, uncoated synthetic scrap from weaving & finishing mills. wound or baled only

Tire Cord: 2-ply, 3-ply twisted, Loose or Bobbins; Tire Cord Fabrics, dipped, undipped

Surplus, Obsolete BOPP, OPP, PE, PP, PET printed films, butt rolls

Please contact us to discuss your specific idle, obsolete or end-of-cycle inventory.