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Enkad recycles industrial fabrics, textiles either coated or uncoated, woven or non-woven and synthetic yarns. Coated or treated fabrics fall into mixed waste category where reclaiming the fabric or the coating is particularly challenging. We specialize in mixed coated waste products. Examples are PVC, Urethane, PTFE, Rubber coated post-industrial waste that most likely ends up in landfills. We also repurpose tire cord yarn dipped or undipped and fabric selvage trim for rope and twine end use.

Textile Recycling Facts & Perspectives:

The United States produces roughly 25 billion pounds of post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste every year. Post-industrial textile waste consists of by-product materials from the textile, fiber and cotton industries. About 1.5 billion pounds of this post-industrial waste is diverted from our landfills and reused or recycled into new raw materials every year.

Recycling efforts remove 2.5 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste annually from the solid waste stream. The average citizen throws away about 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per year. While a few communities have textile recycling programs, about 85% of textile waste goes to landfills where it occupies nearly 5% of all landfill space.