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Our Company:Our Mission:
Enkad was born in 2004 as a minority owned small business focusing on Waste to Value conversions. We help businesses manage, mitigate and dispose of their post industrial waste streams, excess inventory, seconds and obsolete products. We assist clients with the management and logistical challenges of processing and marketing recyclable waste. We excel in creating residual value for our clients and provide complete solutions for non-hazardous waste. Our service functions include waste collection, sorting, grinding, compacting and transporting waste. Waste to Value. The quest for improving business efficiency requires that companies actively manage their non-performing assets, waste and rejected goods tying up precious resources and cash flow. We excel in providing our clients with the best value for their post-industrial waste streams by maximizing returns and minimizing costs including such factors as savings of time, money and resources required for waste recovery. We are direct buyers and stake holders in short, medium and long term disposal programs initiated with our clients.

Sustainability and Recycling Initiatives:
Issues of sustainability and green initiatives top the agenda at most socially conscious companies with responsive management at the helm. Waste is Value and management succeeds by extracting maximum value form its human and resource capital and investment. Companies that embrace resource preservation and recycling as a necessity, rather than a luxury, are poised to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape. Often this initiative can begin with a simple conversation...  Contact us